Frequently Asked Questions

With our word and your movable asset such as your car, you access even larger loans than before.

General Questions

It’s a digital platform that makes getting a loan easy in Nigeria for both salary earners and business owners by making their cars an asset.

You can borrow up to 70% retail value of your car.

Nigerian Adults with good credit score and own a car or truck.

No, its available for also business owners as long you have a car.

Log on to our website,

Register and Apply for a loan.

Get your car inspected.

Get Approval and Receive your loan.

Maximum of 72hours.

3 Months

5% Per month.

User does not meet our lending criteria

User has a bad credit score

User car is not in good shape.

Yes, 3months.

Yes, you can.

Your loan will be subjected to default interest rate and might not access our loan again.

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